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Doctors are leading the way to health-related dietary improvements.

Most people want to avoid taxes, and food taxes aren’t usually welcome.  But in an unusual move, 200 British doctors ask their government to tax meat and dairy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The doctors produced both a video and a comprehensive written document urging the UK government to begin taxing food, to raise funds for moving the country towards sustainable meat and dairy production.  This compelling video shows doctor after doctor explaining why a radical dietary change is essential for public health and the sustainability of the earth.  

“One in five deaths in the UK,” they write,” are caused by diets high in processed foods and animal foods.” The letter demands the passage of “bold post-COVID-19 legislation to allow for rapid, nationwide changes to the obesogenic and unsustainable food environment in which we currently live” which has “added to the UK’s COVID-19 pandemic death toll.”

The letter urges the cessation of subsidies for junk food/fast foods/soft drinks producers and industrial animal farming. It encourages “subsidies to support…adopting a predominantly whole food plant-based diet.”

To read the full article and view the video presentation, click here:

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